Science, always the forward edge, officially heralds it. Government, whose business is decision-making, actively sought it out to help make better decisions. And business, always on the lookout for a competitive edge, is now realizing its inestimable value.

No doubt this is because they all have to ask themselves the following questions on a daily basis:

>|  What moves do you make today when you can’t predict the future?
>|  What if your future opportunities and challenges are so novel, fast-moving, and complex they go beyond risk and become deeply uncertain?
>|  After all your research, testing, and spreadsheet modeling, what if you still have little or no confidence in any prediction?

And yet, in government, in science, and in business – you still need to be confident that the decisions you make possess a strong degree of integrity.

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Scientific American April 2005 Featured Article - Shaping the Future